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The mainstream project financing method is that investors participate in the cornerstone financing of the project.

BROAD JOINT SYSTEM The emergence of these problems will solve these problems, through spot quantification, contract quantification and other trading methods to obtain profit and quantify platform open pay earnings

How does BJS redefine “quantification” to allow investors to operate quantitatively, conveniently and efficiently using quantitative procedures

New business model

BJS uses blockchain technology to achieve decentralized sharing of personal values, making true shared entities a network node.

Broad Joint System The Encrypted Assets Intelligent Quantification System will be the first system to “let the profit” of intelligent quantitative trading encryption assets.

At the same time, Broad Joint will also adopt a unique profit-sharing business model, combined with multiple channels of deflation scenarios, repeat repurchase and destruction, reduce market circulation, and create a healthy, good and recyclable ecological application.

Industry pain point

1. The mass production and use of data has spawned the Internet into the era of EB-level big data. At the same time of data collection, clustering, mining, development and utilization, the “multiplier effect” of data has taken shape.

2. For hackers, once they have hacked the network access rights, they can drive in and take away a lot of data like normal users.

3. Existing data security methods, usually built in front of the server security gateway, this security architecture has been outdated.

4. NGFW, WAF, IPS These external gateways have a “wall-defending” approach, and as the border disappears, there is no “useless place”, let alone how to ensure data security.

BJS concept

The way to store data is to adopt a "centralized" storage method, which is convenient for access and easy to construct relational access relationships.

Changing the way data is stored, with decentralized + secure storage, can achieve true data security.

Data storage security standards: high availability of data; data stability; persistent availability of data and access security of data

BJS Industry drive

1. BJS creates a distributed network for forming and executing storage agreements between peers.

2. The BJS protocol enables peers on the network to negotiate contracts, transfer data, verify the integrity and availability of remote data, retrieve data, and pay for other nodes.

3. Each peer is an autonomous agent that can perform these operations without significant human interaction.

BJS New storage technology

The technical architecture of traditional data storage basically adopts a "centralized" approach, in order to generate easy-to-access and easy-to-build relational access relationships.

This "centralized" data storage idea has caused the defense party to be extremely incompatible with the resource side of the attacker. "Easy to attack and defend", that is, the best description of the cloud data network security industry

In order to maintain more and more decentralized blockchain applications, tens of thousands of nodes need to be supported together, and the nodes themselves represent very important computing resources. The BJS project is to use innovative resources to prove the formation of distribution. Computing resource sharing platform

Development Plan

2019.08. The BJ1.0 version was released online, first on the line, the market intelligence market monitoring transaction, intelligent market warning and other modules
At the same time, in order to continue to cover the Nordic market, BROAD JOINT SYSTEM will hold the ABROAD JOINT SYSTEM node network enthusiasts consensus meeting on August 22 at 16:00 local time in Helsinki, Finland, and continue to promote the Nordic trip of the Node Consensus Conference.

BROAD JOINT SYSTEMIn order to continue to expand the influence in the Nordic market,BROAD JOINT SYSTEMThe Node Consensus Conference in Riga, Latvia will be held at 18:00 local time on November 16th, in conjunction with the Lithuanian International Technology Summit Forum,BROAD JOINT SYSTEMIt will be held on time at 16:00 local time on November 22nd in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, to continue the Nordic tour of the Node Consensus Conference.

2019.11 Released the BJ2.0 version, launched the big-suggested coin guarantee plan and the KYC certification service, making the payment of the recommended information more secure.

2019.12. Optimize the release of BJ2.0.1 version, improve the large-currency recommendation mechanism, increase the total revenue ranking, and the net loss refers to the ranking reward function.

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Developers in BJS big family

Gavin CEO

Commonly used languages:Chinese,Korean.English Graduated from Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Chairman of Dr.Jia Jia lMedical Group

Member of the Medical Aesthetics Committee of the Association of Integrative Medicine

Director of Hangzhou Jiaer Media Operation Planning Broker Co..Ltd.

Early investors in digital currency are very good at the medical,financial,and blockchain areas.

Claire Lin CTO

Have studied at the Department of Computer Science,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Master's degree in Computer Science,Seoul National University Proficient in Chinese.Korean,English

Japanese,German and other languages,gopd at programming languages:C、C++、Java、Python、Matlab、JavaScript、Swift Research areas:artificial intelligence,neural networks,image recognition,virtual reality

Ben Delo Core Architect

C++ senior developer come from Johannesburg, South Africa

Ben graduated from Oxford University with a master's degree and first class honor inmathematics and computer science.He has more than 10 years of experience in high-frequency trading systems and has worked for JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank and IBlM,using kdb+/q technology.His expertise covers the design,architecture and implementation of quantitative trading systems and tools.

Samuel Reed Senior Development Engineer

C++ senior developer come from Madrid, Spain

SamueI graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington.He has more than 10 years of professional programming experience.Sam has served as the Chief Technology Officer of two technology companies (Tixelated and Global Brand Solutions of Hong Kong).He has also contracted web application projects for many other companies.Sam's main area of expertise is building modern,real-time web applications and interfaces,and he is a frequent contributor to open source projects.

Anthony Eufemio

Java senior developer come from Maringá, Paraná, Brasil.

This pool is being further developed to provide an easy to use pool for Ethereum miners. This software is functional however an optimised release of the pool is expected soon.

Chris Hitchott

Data analyzer come from Budapest, Hungary, EU

The CCXT library is used to connect and trade with cryptocurrency / altcoin exchanges and payment processing services worldwide. It provides quick access to market data for storage, analysis, visualization, indicator development, algorithmic trading, strategy backtesting, bot programming, webshop integration and related software engineering.

Strong ecosystems

At present, all the application sectors on the market that digital money can make profits are not open to the outside world. All profit distribution is single distributed by the operators. Quantitative applications of funds, information applications, gambling applications, exchange platforms, etc. Ordinary users can not participate in the distribution of rights and interests, and each application. Or the platform is only a single profitability, can not carry out diversified development, expand the profitability of the plate, all digital currency applications, the only landing, users can enjoy the rights and interests of the return of the current only major exchanges platform passport.

In the ecosystem of BJS, all rights and interests and products are allocated according to the achievements and contributions of labor. The rights and interests of use, distribution and management are all voted by the community. Community autonomous management connects users, investors and operators. Each role can enjoy the overall plate development. Benefits, community resources and motivation mobilization.

The BJS team hopes to target the application of the whole ecosystem through BJS Token, and build a secure, open and stable digital asset sharing economic platform. There will be many forms of applications in the platform. Each independent application board will become the rigid demand of the users of the currency circle, and each application will solve the application in this field. At the same time, participants, investors and team members will use BJS Token to distribute their rights and interests. In a real sense, they will be "responsible to the team, users and investors". The holder is the share economy of the stakeholders, all users. They can participate in the rights allocation of all application ecology of BJS.

BJS Quantitative transaction PH/s

Real time average computing power

Full network computing power 17108 PH/s

Ethereum Computing power




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